Monday, October 23, 2017

Chalk Couture Demo with Hubby using "Build A Jack-O-Lantern"!

Hey Everyone!!

So, tonight, hubby decided he wanted to help me out,
 since I still have not been feeling good, and he wanted to 
work on his OWN board! 

I was SOOO excited, I couldn't wait for him to get started! 

He is a TOTAL Halloween buff, so the fact that he wanted to use "Build a Jack-O-Lantern" did not surprise me one bit! 
He even used colors from the ROCKtober Special, and Lemon. 

He, on purpose, made the eyes come out the way they did 
so it kinda look like they weren't cut all the way through and 
the light in the pumpkin was flickering-HOW CREATIVE!!! 
love it!!! 

Check it out!!! 

And here are all my links you can find any items you may 
need, like from my Chalk Couture Store, or what I use to stir, 
etc., and other things that I use and where you can find me on Facebook!

Thanks for watching!!! Hubby will be back NEXT Sunday to create again!!!

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