Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Fun!

Hey All!! 

Holy cow! I'm back with another post! Well, that's only cause of the Blizzard of 2016 and being snowed in!! 

But, because of this blizzard, I was inspired to make this layout!! 

I'm in LOVE with this layout!

I used Kadoodle Bug Designs for the boy-file is called Snow Fun Boys,
Kiwi Lane Designs Madison Ave and Aspen Court Border
and Winter Accessory! 
I also use Close to My Heart Cashmere Ink, Sequins, and Glacier Twine!

Thanks for checking it out!! :) 


  1. where did you get the little boys from? cricut cartridge? this is so timely and super cute.

    1. Its a SVG File from Kadoodle Bug Designs called SNOW FUN BOYS :)

  2. How or what did you use for the face? Eyes etc thanks

    1. I used the SMALL black eyes that I cut out, and I drew on the mouth with a marker from My Close To My Heart store!